Great ideas get lost if they’re not shared.

A single idea has the power to ripple across the planet. That’s the promise and potential at the core of every TEDxJacksonville talk. Because of technological advances, ideas can instantly cross international boundaries and fundamentally transform discussions about crime and justice, economics, education, politics—anything and everything about which people are passionate.

But that won’t happen unless we make sharing and acting upon these ideas a priority. As Seth Goden said, “An idea that just sits there is worthless.

We don’t have to wait for great ideas to spread organically, or hope that they accidentally become part of a viral discussion. We can plan for it, optimize it, and make it happen. Here’s how you can help:

Stop being neutral. If something moves you, embrace it fully. Stand behind the idea, and stand up for it.

Get personal. Reach out to your personal, professional and social networks, urging them to join you in promoting meaningful change on the issues you care about.

Take Action
Jennifer Adler

Jennifer Adler: Illusions, A Lens into Our Fragile Freshwater

Jennifer hopes her talk will empower people to take action—not only to conserve and protect water themselves, and to elect leaders who value water, but also to help other Floridians understand our ethical obligation to leave clean and abundant water for future generations.

  • Increasing spring flow to life-sustaining levels while aggressively eliminating pollution is key. Start in your own yard with landscaping to save water and minimize use of fertilizers and pesticides, and get involved in your community’s efforts to promote land preservation to protect critical spring shed areas that lead directly into the aquifer. Read more at
  • Support political and community leaders that are committed to springs protection. The Springs Eternal Project provides news and legislative updates related to Florida’s springs, as well fact sheets on issues to address with Legislators and Government Agencies.
Jim Barbaresso

Jim Barbaresso: Driverless Cars and Connected Infrastructure

Florida is one of a handful of states that have already passed laws specifically recognizing the legality of driverless vehicles, and the Florida Automated Vehicle Summit–which included a technical program and demonstrations of automated vehicle technology—was held in Jacksonville just this past December. So we’re ahead up the curve!

But we have to acknowledge that the principle public policy issue for driverless cars is fear of the unknown. If you support this new technology, play a role in pushing back against this fear and help your community embrace driverless cars that can save lives. Stay on top of the issues by bookmarking, where you’ll learn about the latest research projects in this transformative field.

Fatène Ben-Hamza: The Power of the Collaboration Machine

Lend you support to local organizations—such as Hubbard House, JASMYN, and the Pace Center for Girls—that not only create safe spaces for vulnerable populations, but also encourage dialogue within our community. And, as Ben-Hamza suggests, if you see a void of support for something that matters to you, “check if there’s a safe space for it, and if not, be the person who starts it wherever that may be.”

Peter Carney

Peter Carney: Developing Curiosity 

In 2011, frustrated by the expensive college textbooks  his college students detested, Peter Carney created Interactive Listening, a method that used new music, global cultures, and a working class attitude to foster an interactive classroom experience using the edge of technology.  Six months later Apple picked the digital book as the #1 Editor’s Choice out of 22,000 interactive digital books, above Curious George, Coldplay, and Rachel Ray. We urge you to share Pete’s TEDxJacksonville talk with teachers and educators, and become an active participant in helping foster a new culture of creative learning in your local schools.

Tessa Duvall

Tessa Duvall: Learning the Truth About Bad Schools

  • Butler’s Young Women’s Leadership Academy is using the Hero Positive Behavior tracking tool, which allows girls to get points for good behavior that they can then redeem for rewards. Right now, the school is doing events like dances and lunch with the principal, but Ms. Williams would like to open a Hero store where girls can redeem their points for tangible things, like little gifts, “girly items,” giftcards, etc., as incentives to support good behavior. Can you help? If so, please email her at [email protected].
  • Attend your local school board meetings and get involved in your school’s PTA; parent participation is a critical factor in improving how each child learns.

Jordan Edelheit: Breaking Stereotypes, Building Empathy

  • At its simplest, empathy is awareness of the feelings and emotions of other people.  Daniel Goleman, author of Emotional Intelligence, and other emotional intelligence and workplace competency researchers have consistently identified empathy as a core component of emotional intelligence and a powerful predictor of success in many professions. Empathy helps us to develop deep levels of rapport and trust. Let’s heed Jordan’s call to actively practice empathy by building it in unexpected places.
  • Lifehacker has some excellent suggestions for overcoming habits in your own life that might inhibit empathy.
Kevin Gover

Kevin Gover: (Re)Making History, The Real Story Is Bigger and Better

  • Whenever you travel to places you’ve never been before, read the best popular histories of the region to better understand what you’ll be seeing. Kevin Gover believes this practice is a great way to develop an understanding of each community’s own “Origin story.”
  • The American Indian Heritage Foundation is dedicated to building bridges of understanding and friendship between Indian and non-Indian people. Its Resource Directory can help you learn more about the history and culture of America’s indigenous people.
  • On your next trip to DC, remember to visit the Smithsonian Institution’s Museum of the American Indian. The museum recognizes a calling to help correct the misperceptions and fill the vacuum of knowledge regarding the history of the United States and Native Nations.
Tim Harris

Tim Harris: What Is Important Is Love

Tim has a personal Take Action request:

The mission of my Foundation is to help other people all around the world find the courage to reach for their dreams—just like I did. So here’s my next big dream: I want to deliver a Tim Hug to every person on the planet. EVERY PERSON.

I can’t do this alone. I’m going to need your help. Next year, I’m launching my first ever Global Hug-A-Thon. I can really use your help. Please find Tim’s Big Heart Foundation online and sign up to help me. Together, we can change the world.

John Phillips

John Phillips: America’s Greatest Enemy, the Unevolving Virus of Prejudice

Peter Rummell

Peter Rummell: Placemaking Meets HealthMaking

  • The innovative urban development Rummell discussed in his Talk finally has a name: The District — Life Well Lived — Jacksonville. Follow the progress on this living laboratory project at
  • Get involved with the Walkable and Livable Communities Institute. In hopes of creating towns and cities that encourage community and foster active lifestyles, the institute connects citizens with local resources to help them advocate for better walkability in their neighborhoods.