Pastor Michael Smith | Black Murder is Normal

2014 Speakers, Human Rights, Race, Social Justice, Stereotypes

Ed McMahon | Where am I? The Power of Uniqueness

2014 Speakers, Community, Historic Preservation, Placemaking, Sustainability, Urban Planning

Judi Herring | Gender Bound

2014 Speakers, Diversity, Health, Intersex, LGBTQIA, Medicine

Spring Behrouz | The Dynamic Future of Neuroscience

2014 Speakers, Brain Injuries, Data, Medicine, Memory, Technology

Herb Donaldson | How To Survive an Execution

2014 Speakers, Capital Punishment, Incarceration, Justice System, Race

Aman Mojadidi | Swimmin’ With Existential Gators

2014 Speakers, Arts & Culture, Community, Diversity, Stereotypes

Chip Southworth | Art, A Powerful Conduit For Change

2014 Speakers, Activism, Arts & Culture, Diversity

Cullen Hoback | We Don’t Have a Privacy Problem

2014 Speakers, Digital Privacy, Human Rights, Policy, Social Media, Technology

Sara Gaver | Beyond Face Value

2014 Speakers, Disability, Discrimination, Equity, Human Rights, Inspiration, Stereotypes

Warren Anderson | Belonging to the Universe

2014 Speakers, Nature