Ellen Freidin | Florida Citizens Win Redistricting Wars!

2017 Speakers, Citizenship, Data, Gerrymandering, Policy, Politics

Melanie Flores | Can You Learn Engineering in Kindergarten?

2017 Speakers, Education, Innovation, Science, Youth

Manal Fakhoury, Pharm.D. | Defining and Defeating the Opioid Crisis

2017 Speakers, Addiction, Health, Sociology

Shari Duval | A New Leash on Life for American Veterans

2017 Speakers, Inspiration, Philanthropy, PTSD, Veterans

Amy Donofrio | At-Risk or At-Hope? How We Label Youth Matters

2017 Speakers, Crime, Education, Equity, Human Rights, Juvenile Justice, Policing, Social Justice, Stereotypes, Youth

Brenda T. Bradley, Ph.D. | No Prescription Necessary: How to Make Food Your Medicine

2017 Speakers, Food, Health

Cynthia Barnett | Rain: A History for Stormy Times

2017 Speakers, Climate Change, Nature, Water

Jaimison Sloboden | Creating People-Safe Roads

2017 Speakers, Data, Smart Cities, Urban Planning

Dr. Alfredo Quiñones-Hinojosa | Healing, Opportunity, Patients, Empowerment

2017 Speakers, Diversity, Immigration, Inspiration, Medicine, Perseverance

Marc Hudson | Value and Invest in Nature

2017 Speakers, Climate Change, Eco-Utility, Innovation, Nature