Losing is hard. But when your loss is on the front page of the newspaper and is the top story on the 6:00 news — it can be devastating. Audrey Moran had spent 20 months running to be Jacksonville’s mayor; she’d visited almost every neighborhood in the City and had spent over a million dollars trying to sell her vision for what she believed Jacksonville could and should be.

Thinking about “what’s next,” she realized she had a platform and a network of like-minded citizens that could still effect important changes. Together, they embraced the responsibility of speaking out: successfully advocating for the passage of a Human Rights Ordinance; stopping the sale of JEA while shining a light on corruption in government; and fighting the City Council’s refusal to place a school board tax referendum on the ballot — and then helping to secure its overwhelming passage.

As Moran learned, a loss can fuel its own fire. As Jacksonville looks to her next two hundred years, her citizens must continue to speak out. We can’t simply shrug our shoulders and let bad things happen. Raising your voice is never easy — but it’s always important.
Audrey Moran

Audrey Moran, Attorney at Law, has been elected to the position of Duval County Judge and will take the bench in January of 2023. She most recently served as Executive Vice President at Baptist Health and as President of the Baptist Health Foundation in Jacksonville, Florida. She has a bachelor’s degree in communications from Syracuse University and received her juris doctorate from Duke University’s School of Law. She has enjoyed a broad and varied career, ranging from serving as a top prosecutor at the State’s Attorney’s office to Chief of Staff for former Mayor John Delaney to CEO of the Sulzbacher Center for the Homeless.

A civic leader, Audrey currently serves on the Board of Directors for UF Health and Renewing Dignity. She is a Founding Board Member of OurJax – an advocacy group that promotes integrity, transparency and accountability in local government. Audrey is a past Chair of the Jacksonville Regional Chamber of Commerce and is a recipient of the Eve Lifetime Achievement Award and the Humanitarian Award from OneJax. Audrey is a member of the Women’s Giving Alliance and has previously served as a trustee for the Jessie Ball duPont Fund, a $300 million charitable grant-making organization in Northeast Florida.