For ex-convicts, there’s a sentence after the sentence. On being released from prison, they are expected to go home and — regardless of the odds stacked against them — be more than they were when they went in. When patients are released from the hospital, there’s a treatment plan in place and a prescription for their success. Why do we continue to release individuals into society from prison with no plan? Tanaine Jenkins believes creating viable reentry strategies for our returning citizens is an investment in safer neighborhoods, fewer broken homes, and the power of second chances.
Tanaine Jenkins

Tanaine Jenkins is a recidivism strategist, a motivational re-entry speaker, and a published author. In 2010 Tanaine was charged with defrauding a financial institution and sentenced to two years prison and five years of probation. After release, Tanaine worked in the logistics and tax industries before starting Everything I Am LLC, an organization that focuses on helping returning citizens and justice-involved individuals become successful in their second chance.

In February of 2022 Tanaine was invited to speak at the Florida Capitol for National Advocacy Day to bring awareness to the policies that hinder returning citizens. Tanaine also serves on the Florida Restoration of Rights Coalition (FRRC) policy council, which works to implement legislation at the state and national level to address the most pressing issues of returning citizens.